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  • Box of 3

    All of our favorites in a box

  • Box of 2

    All of our favorites in a box

  • Madu Panettone – Orange Chocolate

    Remake of an Italy classic

  • Fleur De Sel Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Our favourite classic chocolate chip cookie now available for you!

  • Furikake Sourdough and Nori Butter Set

    The perfect combo, a great addition to every lunch or dinner gathering!

  • Hojicha Streusel Cake

    For tea lovers, every slice is a dream come true!

  • Dark Chocolate Rum Cake

    Super chocolatey xmas special!

  • Cheddar Panettone

    A savoury version for you who does not like sweets!

  • Madu Sando Box

    Fruit goodness in a box

  • Plain Sourdough

    Naturally leavened with Madu’s Levain. Delicious toasted on its own.

  • Savoury Viennoiseries Box

    All of our favorites in a box

  • Madu Bun Box Special

    Happiness in a box

  • Cranberry Rose

    Fluffy and fragrant for the bread lovers

  • Mentaiko

    Made for Mentaiko fanatics and sushi lovers

  • Umami Mushroom

    Umami bomb in a bun

  • Classic Garlic

    The perfect ‘Katsu Garlic Bun’

  • potato
  • omelette
  • chilli crab
  • meatball