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Madu the bakery

Simple ingredients, delicious bakes
No Cream Cheese, Cheese Bun
Food Hygiene Certified


MADU The Bakery landed in Singapore in mid-2021. We do believe in making delicious bakes from simple ingredients. At MADU, we value craft and care which represents the harmony of taste and the taste of home.

MADU, in Bahasa Indonesia, means honey.
Honey is a versatile ingredient, useful in both sweet and savory dishes. It has a simple flavor but it is capable of elevating your dish to the next level. With this belief, we want to convey and deliver to our customers through the high-quality of food, which is simple yet delicious in taste and textures.

Honey is also your treasure which brings you delicious sweets, as always.

Inspired by our everyday lives, we strive to use simple and familiar ingredients in all of our baked goods. We want to evoke a sense of nostalgia in our customers, bringing them back to fond memories of their childhood or travels. Feel at home and enjoy the pleasure of dating MADU!

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So happy to be interviewed by our very own 8 days magazine!

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Our Mentaiko buns was picked up by Singapore Foodie when we were still experimenting with the recipes. We were really happy to know the responses so we can take the review and improve on our next iterations!


So excited to be covered and ranked in the top 10 new food must try in July 2021.