Seasonal Bakes

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Classic Garlic Bun

The perfect ‘Katsu Garlic Bun’
Brioche, garlic, dairy

Umami Mushroom

Umami bomb in a bun
Brioche, wakame, shiitake, shimeji, nori, katsuobushi, furikake, dairy


Made for mentaiko fanatics and sushi lovers
Brioche, mentaiko, tobiko, dairy

Nori Truffle

One of a kind, who knew Truffle would go so well with Nori?
Brioche, truffle bechamel, luncheon meat, roasted nori, furikake


Nori Jambon Ciabatta

Madu’s favourite sandwich
Ciabatta, emmental cheese, nori mayo, nori butter, jambon ham, black pepper

Apple Brie Parma Ciabatta

Cheese platter for 1, on Madu’s housemade ciabatta, topped with veggie
Ciabatta, brie, apple slices, Italy parma ham, mustard mayo, arugula

Cereal Prawn Croissant

Inspired by the delicious Tze Char dish. Slightly spicy
Croissant, tiger prawns, yuzu, mayo, toasted cereal, red chilli, curry leaves


Bolu Keju

A classic indonesian treat. Translates to ‘cheese cake’
Fluffy vanilla sponge, bourbon vanilla, cheddar cheese

Espresso Pistachio

Tiramisu style espresso mousse, kahlua soaked housemade ladyfingers, paired with 100% pistachio paste and an extra crunch
Ladyfingers, espresso, kahlua, pistachio, Cacao Barry white chocolate, feuilletine


Double Shot Espresso [Hot]

Long Black [Hot/Iced]

Café Latte [Hot/Iced]

Flat White [Hot]

Cappucino [Hot/Iced]

Café Mocha [Hot/Iced]

Coconut Café Latte [Hot] *

Yuzu Espresso Tonic [Iced] *

Aerocano [Iced]

Chocolate [Hot/Iced]