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Madu Sando Box


Fruitty goodness in 1!



All orders must be submitted before 6pm and a minimum of 3 order days is required for delivery and pick-up orders.

Perfect for gifts and sharing among loved ones. Our Fruit Sandos made with Madu signature fluffy Japanese Milk Bread are refreshing and enjoyable at any time of day!

Vanilla Peach

Using only quality Bourbon Vanilla, French Mascarpone, Cream and Yellow Peaches, taste the harmony of flavors each component plays in this delectable and refreshing fruit sandwich.

– Madu Signature Japanese Style Milk Bread
– Bourbon Vanilla Mascarpone Yellow Peach

Matcha Strawberry

The perfect sandwich for Matcha and Strawberry shortcake lovers, now in sando form.

– Madu Signature Japanese Style Milk Bread
– Matcha Mascarpone Strawberries

Kinako Grape

A unique combination of flavors and textures that complements each other well. Between the nutty Japanese Kinako, luscious Mascarpone, fluffy milk bread, the crunchy Muscat Grapes completes the delectable experience.

– Madu Signature Japanese Style Milk Bread
– Kinako Mascarpone Muscat Grapes

Chocolate Banana

Not too sweet, the sando of choice for kids! 66% Valrhona Dark Chocolate Ganache, combined with smooth French Mascarpone, drizzled with Nutella on Banana – pure decadence

– Madu Signature Japanese Style Milk Bread
– Chocolate Mascarpone Nutella with Banana

Storage Instruction:

Best consumed cold on the day of purchase. Recommended to store Sando box in chiller compartment, for up to 3 days.